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International conference «Factoring and management of accounts receivable: Russian reality and international experience»


International conference «Factoring and management of accounts receivable: Russian reality and international experience» (PDF format)

The purpose of the conference:

To give participants an opportunity to get acquainted with unique experience under the decision of actual problems of factoring and management of accounts receivable business.
Conference will unite the professionals interested in an exchange of high technologies in factoring business, management of accounts receivable and collection business, used in Russia and worldwide, experts of the largest Russian factoring companies and banks, participants of the factoring market, and also representatives of collect and insurance business, experts in the field of automation and information technologies.

Participants of the conference:

Specialists in factoring and insurance business from Russia, CIS countries, Great Britain, France, Turkey and some other countries, experts in the field of taxes and legal services, experts in management of accounts receivable and collecting of debts, information technologies will act as lecturers at the conference.
The basic themes of the conference:
  • The Best practices of factoring services development;
  • Technologies of effective organization of client services in factoring operations;
  • Outsourcing - the tool to increase the efficiency of factoring business;
  • Tax and legal aspects of factoring operations;
  • Risk-management of factoring operations and management of accounts receivable;
  • Collection business and work with problem debts;
  • Application of new business-technologies for increasing efficiency of business;

Lecturers of the conference (preliminary list):

  • Grebenko Alexander, General director, «Credit and Financial Consultant».
  • Gjulgjuljan Karen, General director, United Factors Group.
  • Dubinin Vitaly, Partner, Chadbourne and Parke LLP.
  • Zhdanuhin Dmitry, General director, Center of collection development.
  • Pishchulin Andrey, Chief executive officer, East European branch, Scorto Corporation (USA).
  • Rahmanin Sergey, President, Association of development of collection business.
  • Marinin Michael, Deputy general director, Cofas Moscow Credit Management Service.
  • Samiev Pavel, Director of department of ratings for financial institutions, Rating Agency «Expert RА».
  • Pjaskovsky Vitaly, Senior manager of factoring technologies development, COMARCH S.A.
  • Patrin Denis, Senior lawyer, Representation of Lawyer Bureau CMS Bureau Fransis Lefebvre.
  • Peshkov Aleksej, Chairman of board of directors, "Bureau of credit safety "Russcollector".
  • Zemljanuhin Boris, Deputy director, Center of insurance financial institutions "ROSNO".
  • Rodionov Michael, Head of risk-management, Factoring Department BSGV.
  • Zaradsky Sergey, Director, «Rusfactor factoring broker».
  • Yemelyanov Vladimir, Head of factoring operations department, MDM bank.
  • Klimov Victor, Head of credit insurance department, Ingosstrah.
  • Andreas Steinborn, Head of representative office, Euler Hermes (Russia).
  • Dieter Hardt, IDH Inkasso und Service (Germany).
  • Cezary Kusyk, Head of risk-management department, Pekao Factoring (Slovenia).
  • Steven Geerlings, Partner, Hammonds (Belgium).
  • Anthony Avison, Director, Dancerace (Great Britain).
  • Richard Turvey, Senior client manager, Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance (Great Britain).
  • Ahmet Karayel, Marketing manager, Tekstil Factoring (Turkey).
  • Tim Lodge, Sales and marketing director, Vision Critical (Great Britain).
  • Francois Jozic, Quorum AG (Germany).
  • Barry Rogers, PricewaterhouseCoopers (Russia).
  • Shatalov Mikhaill, Head of automation collect agencies direction, TradeSoft.
  • Skoblikov Peter, Doctor of jurisprudence, professor, the colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • Dzhondzhua Michael, Independent consultant and business-trainer, author of the book "Return of debts: psychology and technology of credit management".
  • Osovsky Maxim, General director, collection agency RostNadzor.
  • Kuznetsov Alexei, Partner, Ernst & Young (Russia).

Conditions of participation:

Cost of participation in the conference is made with 27 990 rbl. (incl. VAT of 18 %). At registration of several participants the discount is given.

The program of the conference:

To receive more detailed information about the conference and to register please can contact us:

International conference «Factoring and management of accounts receivable: Russian reality and international experience» (PDF format)

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