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Annual meeting - IFG 50th Anniversary.


The 2012 edition will be organized in Brussels, Belgium, starting on Sunday evening, 7 October and closing on Wednesday 10 October.The format of the Annual Meeting gives participants a perfect mix of mind-opening discussions, presentations and networking possibilities. The conference starts on Sunday evening with a welcome dinner. Monday and Tuesday are two full conference days, mixed with networking time. Tuesday evening an awards dinner is organized. The conference closes on Wednesday with a 100% networking day.


Event booking form


PAYMENT AND CANCELLATION POLICY: please read attentively 
All rates are based on a minimum attendance of 100 delegates and 20 accompanying guests. Therefore they are subject to modification, such to be informed by the organizers if necessary by 31 May 2011 at the latest.Upon receipt of the registration form, Hogg Robinson Meetings & Incentives will issue a confirmation/invoice, which is to be paid, preferably by credit card. The credit card payment authorization can already be filled out on the registration form.The transaction will not be performed until 31 May at the earliest. 

In the event of a cancellation of participation the following amounts will be deducted from the payments received (all refunds will be processed only after the conference): if cancelled before 15 June an administration fee of 150,00 € will apply; if cancelled between 16 June and 15 August 50% of the amount paid will apply as cancellation fee; if cancelled between 16 August and 15 September 75% of the amount paid will apply as cancellation fee; if cancelled after 15 September and in the case of no-shows 100% of the amount paid will apply as cancellation fee. There will be no charges for name changes in your participation.


Source: IFG

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