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12th BCR Receivables Finance International Conference - post conference report.

He was referring to the panel discussion on Central and Eastern Europe and he went on to say ‘but I have to tell you. It’s exactly what you want a panel to be. You want it to be provocative; you want it to be thought provoking; you want people challenging one another…..’ 

Paul made a major contribution to the conference and I’m sure that he will be delighted with the very positive feedback for his own presentation on the Evolving class of Accounts Receivable. 

Other presenters receiving particular plaudits included 

- Katalin Somogyi, Head of Trade Finance, Corporate Division, Global Transaction Banking, Unicredit (Hungary) who spoke about factoring developments in Hungary, 
- Philippe Lepoutre, CEO, CGA Compagnie Generale d’Affacturage (France)who spoke about building financial bridges across the Supply Chain 

- Simon Featherstone, Global Chief Executive, Bibby Financial Services Ltd (UK) who compared development strategies of bank owned and independent factors. 

The round table discussion group particularly favoured was that of Supply Chain Finance and participants welcomed the opportunity of finding out more about this subject through this format. 

The three Apple Ipad3s were won by Simon Featherstone, Mihaela Dimitriu, Directeur Developpement Affacturage BHFM, Groupe Societe Generale (France) and Geert Van Nerum, General Manager, KBC Commercial Finance NV (Netherlands).  

It will be hard next year to surpass the success of this year’s conference but we have already received some excellent suggestions from people of areas that they should like to see included for discussion. And if anyone has any suggestions of topics that they would like to have discussed please email us at info@bcrpub.co.uk.  

I’m sure that like this year we will be able to describe the conference in the same words as one of our attendees 

“An excellent event with valuable information about A/R Industry” 

We will soon be letting everyone know the venue for next year’s conference, which will also be a celebration of 20 years of BCR publishing.


Source: Factorscan BCR

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