Новый Портал об услугах нашей факторинговой компании. Перейти

Управление. Финансирование. Безопасность.

An initiative of the Central East European Chapter of IFG, the worldwide trade association for the factoring and commercial finance industry.


Learn in one day about:

WHY offer Factoring in your country
WHERE it fits alongside other financial products
WHAT business sectors are suitable for factoring
HOW to sell factoring
HOW to organize domestic and international factoring operations
HOW to mitigate Risks, minimize loss and prevent fraud
Network with colleagues and international industry experts

IFG has created 4 regional Chapters in Asia, South America, Central East Europe and Africa: the mission of these Regional Chapters is to help local industry players in the development of their activities, recognizing that a different approach in education and networking is necessary for emerging factoring markets compared to the mature European and North American markets.

As a service to participants from countries where Russian is the major business language, simultaneous translation English-Russian is provided.

The invitation in Russian is available here.

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Источник: IFG

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