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Conference on Supply Chain Finance.


Supply chain finance has been around for more than 20 years but it has gained high interest in the last few years as banks have become less open for financing small companies while on the other hand buyers are pressing their suppliers to extend payment terms.

Large trade banks were quick to react by offering account payable programs and trade finance solutions to large corporate clients. On the other hand factoring companies saw the opportunity in expanding their reverse factoring solutions or, as the case of Spain, increased their confirming product.

As supply chain finance means a lot of different things to different people the IFG Supply Chain Conference will focus on clarifying the fundamentals of SCF as a product and its tangible market alternatives, present successful implementations by factoring companies, SCF specialists and trade finance professionals and have panel discussions on usability and future development of the industry.

Participants will also have the possibility to meet with SCF solution providers ranging from Factoring IT software providers to specialized SCF third party platforms.

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CANCELLATION POLICY: Any changes or cancellations MUST be made in writing.

- All cancellations received before 24 September 2012 will qualify for a full refund.
- Cancellations received between 24 September & 8 October 2012 will be subject to a 50 % refund or a 50% cancellation fee.
- No refund is possible for cancellations received after 8 October 2012: a 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

In the event that a speaker cancels, every effort will be made to find a replacement presenter of equivalent experience. Program details or the actual organization of the event is subject to changes depending on the number of participants. A final program and confirmation will be sent to the participants 7 calendar days before the event. In case of cancellation of the event, there will be a full refund of already paid registration fees.


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