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Developing New Products & Markets Seminar.


This completely new seminar replaces the traditional “International Managers’ Club meeting that IFG organized successfully in the past. Based upon input from members, it was decided to broaden the scope of this seminar to the various ways of doing business in the world of Factoring and Receivables Finance as well as on Sales & Marketing issues. The seminar will cover aspects such as two-factor business and direct export factoring, but also new product developments such as Asset Based Lending and Supply Chain Finance. Special attention will be paid to Funding aspects for Receivables Finance activities as well as Risk, Sales & Marketing issues. The seminar is highly interactive.


- Find out about innovations in product development, risk management, sales approaches and marketing strategies

- Discuss Real World case studies on Supply Chain Finance and Asset Based Lending

- Learn about best practices in Cross-Border Factoring, either in the two-factor system or in direct export factoring

- Develop different forms of cooperation between international Factoring and ABL companies in international business

- Learn about alternative approaches for Funding of Receivables Finance Operations

- How to improve your risk management through cooperation with specialized service providers

Programme in Short:

Monday 26 May all day seminar: 2-Factor Platform, doing International Business directly, Asset Based Lending and Supply Chain Finance

Tuesday 27 May: Morning seminar: innovation in sales and marketing, Funding alternative

Tuesday Afternoon: Networking guided tour in the nice Veneto area Kindly Sponsored by CoEFI

All information can be found on the Brochure of the event.

If you wish to use a physical registration form, you can find it here. Otherwize you can easily register above.


Source: IFG

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