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Knowledge is power! IFG announces its unique education programme for 2015.


Secretary General Erik Timmermans advises “For the newcomer to the industry, we have – in six languages – an on line in depth introduction course, our e-foundation, which gives an unparalleled opportunity to learn about products, solutions, client lifecycle and the management of risk from both a domestic and international perspective”.

Head of Operations Gwendoline de Viron notes that “IFG also supports experienced managers, for example through its groundbreaking Certificate of Finance in International Trade, the only university certified course in the Industry – no one else offers anything to compare!”.

Combine these with the comprehensive schedule of leadership development courses and events, IFG education stands out as the global leader in International Education for the Factoring, Invoice Finance and Commercial Finance Community.

Full details of the programme are available to download from the IFG website www.ifgroup.com/education where both an overview brochure and full details of the individual offerings can be found.

You can download the press release here.


Source: IFG

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