Новый Портал об услугах нашей факторинговой компании. Перейти

FCI Admits New Members in Chile, Romania & Russia.


For more information, contact:

Mr. Peter Mulroy
Secretary General
Factors Chain International
Keizersgracht 559
1017 DR Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-(0)20-6270306

About FCI: Founded in 1968, FCI acts as a facilitator of open account trade by providing four major services to support the growth of the factoring industry globally, including 1) the promulgation of the General Rules of International Factoring (GRIF), the most widely used set of rules by banks and factoring companies for cross border correspondent factoring 2) the development of a state of the art correspondent factoring system called edifactoring.com 3) the creation of a robust education platform to provide e-learning, seminars, and other targeted education support to our members and 4) the promotion of our industry through innovative marketing efforts, conferences, and lobbying.  FCI also publishes annual statistics on world-wide factoring volume, and reported 2013 volume of factored cross-border trade receivables in excess of EUR 403 BILLION, of which FCI members account for nearly 85% of this total cross border activity. FCI network today consists of close to 270 factoring members in 75 countries.


Source: FACTORing PRO

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