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Launch of Invoice Verification Service.


Partnering with Atradius Collections your business will benefit from:

- Fraud prevention
- Increased capability to finance or take risk on client portfolio
- Enhanced risk mitigation process and minimize operational losses
- Worldwide support through dedicated relationship managers, local offices and partners

Simple easy to use access to submit requests and see your reports via our user portal Benefitting from the global network of Atradius Collections, you are able to verify business transactions in 96% of the world, in 70% of the world’s spoken languages. Give yourself and your business peace of mind by verifying invoices and minimizing risk.

Verification@Net is Atradius Collections’ globally integrated online platform allowing the factor access to the latest status updates and reports of our verification on the financed portfolio. Verification@Net is accessible via: http://www.atradiuscollections.com/global/partners/ifg/invoice-verification-ifg.html 

Erik Timmermans, Secretary General IFG: “The Invoice Verification Service from Atradius Collections was developed especially for the factoring industry. We believe that it can significantly enhance support Risk Management departments in international factoring business, particularly when it comes to direct export factoring and in export invoice discounting. The invoice verification may not provide an exact guarantee that the foreign debtor can or will pay, but it sends important warning signs when receivables are disputed or goods are undelivered. In this respect this is another great tool that can be used for mitigation of operational and fraud risks. Invoice Verification is easy to set up and offers standardized procedures regardless of the buyer’s country.”

For more information, please call Gideon Jones +44 (0) 2920 824391


Source: IFG

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