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IFG is enthusiastic to announce that registration to the GM Club 2012 is now open!

Highlights of the Program:

- Welcome & introduction by our Chairman Mr. Peter Ewen, 

MD of Venture Finance Plc, UK;

- Opening Speech by a Senior Representative of ABN AMRO;

Name & function TBC

- Blockers of Growth: invoice finance is the ideal funding mechanism for funding small business cash flow, so why isn't the market growing faster? A look at the key impediments to growth in the sector and how they might be overcome.

by Ms Kate Sharp, CEO of ABFA, UK;

- New Rules and Tools for the Next Generation of Trade and Finance: By Mr David HENNAH, Trade & Supply Chain, Banking Markets of S.W.I.F.T., UK

Networking dinner 

You will find the official invitation and the forms to use to register on our website on the GM Club page.

Don't wait to register! Deadline 9 January 2012!


Source: IFG

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